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Ok ok…….I’m still having hopes for the Father theory but the panel that Silver said, “Natsu, of all people” meaning he knows what he is really capable of what he is going to do later, and His “I-don’t-care” wave pose to Natsu’s babbling imitates Gray and the way he refers women like Lisanna(princess) or Erza and Lucy(lovely ladies or princesses from the anime). And I’m now beginning to think that Silver really might be Future Gray.

To be honest, I’m quite worried here……..I mean Future Lucy and Future Rouge encountered some hard ends, and we could expect Future Gray might too. In relation to Juvia’s “really bad feeling”, I’m quite positive something terrible will happen between her and Gray alone. And imagine the three of them meet? What face would they put? What would be their reactions like Gray or Silver? Bunch of crazy questions and theories popped to my head after reading the latest chapter However, I’m soo excited to see what would Hiro do to us next, since he is such a big troller. Anyway, be it Gray’s Dad or Future self, as long Gray and Juvia plays a BIG MAJOR role in this and both will have a huge development on their current relationship? Who knows, something Gruvia-ish might happen.

I’m curious about Juvia’s reaction to one of them dying. (ofc if Silver is really F!Gray).

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